Conference Suite


Enjoy business benefits

Conference Suite Video is a state-of-the-art videoconferencing service that will amaze you with its HD video quality, clear sound and simplicity of use directly on your PC, which turns into your personal telepresence station.

To access your meeting room just enter your data on the portal of the service.You can start a videoconference with one simple click! 

During the meeting you can share documents, presentations, the entire desktop and any other application on your or other participants’ computers.

A virtual room is always at your disposal for your meetings with telepresence quality, and you don’t need any special hardware or QoS networks. ADSL internet connection and a PC are enough. 

Supported operating systems for PCs and laptops are Windows and Mac. 

A free application for iPad e iPhone mobile devices can be downloaded from the AppStore.

For tablets e smartphones running the Android operating system there is a free application on Google Play.

Videodesktop solution

Videoconferencing saves your time and money 

Videoconferencing brings huge benefits to companies: travel costs and unproductive time reduction, internal and external communication improvement, faster decision-making, more effective workgroups collaboration. These benefits can be easily quantified in time and money, saved in daily company management.Videoconferencing is therefore an essential advantage for those companies that want to fight the crisis and compete in the global market.

HD videoconferencing for everyone 

With Conference Suite Video service everyone, from a single professional to large companies, will have at their disposal our cloud-based videoconferencing infrastructure, which can be used via ASDSL Internet connection on PCs, tablets, smartphones and room videoconferencing systems.The prices of this service are affordable for everyone and the purchase options are simple and clear: on a pay-per-use basis with per minute billing or an annual flat-fee subscription basis. 

Privacy and security 

The use of entry codes and moderation codes, which can be modified for every new event, protect videoconferences from an unauthorized access.Privacy options allow you to manage transmission and suspension of your audio or video during the conference.

Recording e streaming 

Videoconferences can be recorded on a DVD or transmitted in streaming for the benefit of people who didn’t manage to attend the meeting but are interested in its viewing.

H.323/SIP and ISDN compatibility 

The service is perfectly compatible with any videoconferencing terminal of H.323 and SIP standard.At your request, ISDN systems can also be connected, as well as telephone devices (audio only).

Audio access from telephone

In case a partecipant is enable to use the video he can access in audio only simply calling one of the international numbers. See the full list HERE 

Event management 

Our skilled technical stuff is always at your disposal to manage particularly important events, as well as videoconferences, where professional equipment and operators for audio/video administration may be needed.

Videoconnect solution

Features & Capabilities 

Maximum participants in a meeting : 50 standard – 200 optional 

Ways to Meet 

• Meet in a virtual meeting room or speed dial users directly 

• Join from an app (Windows, Mac, iOS & Android) 

• Join from the browser with WebRTC 

• Join from legacy 3rd party video conferencing systems (H.323/SIP) 

• Join from VidyoRoom systems 

• Join from a standard phone line 

In-Meeting Features & Performance 

• Share content from any application or screen (room, desktop and browser).Undock shared content to view in a separate window or screen.

• Record meetings, with 10GB of recording storage per user included* 

• Group text chat for sharing links or asking questions.

• Control pan/tilt/zoom cameras in far-end room system endpoint (videodesktop) 

• Receive up to 4K resolution and send up to 1080p30 

Management & Security 

• Analytics dashboard for real-time insights 

• Enterprise security standards (TLS, SRTP, H.235, and AES 128-bit encryption) 

• Customized support for embedded iFrame technology (videodesktop) 

• Personalized vanity URL (optional) 

•Controls to moderate meeting (videodesktop) 


• Integration with productivity apps (Slack and HipChat) 

• Support for Microsoft Skype for Business (optional) 

• Deep calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar 

• Hybrid deployment for WAN optimization (optional) 

• High-capacity meeting rooms, up to 500 participants (optional)