Why Choose Sparkle Conferencing?

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Value proposition

Conferencing suite responds to an increasing market demand for ease of use, professional audio, video quality and communication security. Moreover, it is the ideal solution to serve specific verticals such as e-learning, finance or health, increasing productivity and optimizing costs


With Conferencing Suite users are able to organize video conferences up to Ultra HD 4K resolution, reaching a large numbers of participants at big events and supporting them with simultaneous translation through certified interpreters with vertical specialization. Through a simple click, customers can access dedicated virtual meeting rooms or book an instant audio or video conference from any device, whether smartphones or telepresence units. All guests can join the meeting through a local geographic number available in 40 countries. It supports VoIP connections as well as data sharing and provides innovative tools for management, recording and reporting with no requirement for new hardware or software.

Products features

  • High quality audio conferencing service, available in automatic and in assisted mode, with possibility of recording and playback

  • High quality video conferencing service accessible from virtual meeting rooms (H 323, SIP) as well as from PCs, tablets or smartphones that provides document sharing, integrated chat and possibility of recording and playback

  • Assisted audio service for big events such as new products launch or shareholders and investors presentations that allows to simultaneously reach large numbers of participants with the possibility to associate the Interpreter component

  • Simultaneous translation with certified Interpreters in 70 languages and specialized in specific fields as medicine, finance, engineering and legal