In the health sector, the main objective is to provide patients with the assistance they need. For many patients it is appreciated to communicate with a doctor even remotely, especially for people living in isolated areas.

Videoconferencing solutions in the health sector ensure that access to doctors, patients and specialists is always as simple as making a phone call.


Sparkle videoconferencing solutions can help improve patient care, facilitating the collaboration of international specialists. A simple video call from an elderly patient in convalescence at home, can activate an emergency consultation with different doctors by videoconference, for a diagnosis in real time using, among other things, applications for monitoring vital parameters

Video for eHealth

The service approach the medical need under several aspects offering different solution for each one:

ehealth for At-Home Care

With video-enabled remote patient monitoring solutions, healthcare providers can extend their reach beyond the hospital walls and engage their patient population in their homes, giving them the ability to identify opportunities for early intervention, manage chronic conditions, and increase patient access.

ehealth for Ambulatory Care

With video-enabled virtual care solutions, ambulatory providers can improve access to specialists, better manage chronic disease cases with remote monitoring, reduce unnecessary readmissions, and address patient attrition

With video-enabled RPM solutions (Remote Patient Monitoring), healthcare professionals can extend their reach beyond the walls of the hospital and involve the patient population in their homes, giving them the opportunity to identify opportunities for early intervention, manage the chronic conditions and increased access to the patient.

The ehealth service, enabled for video, can be connected to the PaaS Home Doctor solution by Sparkle which is the CE certified medical solution (class IIa) as the only system in the world of multi-parameter end-to-end telemetry for remote monitoring, using electro-medical devices , of the vital parameters, for the prevention or the control of the main areas therapies, such as cardiology, diabetology and pneumology. With this method the solution allows a certified medical videoconsultation

ehealth for Emergency and Urgent Care

The emergency department is one of the most expensive and resource-constrained settings in healthcare. Health systems are turning to virtual care strategies to help them expedite triage, improve throughput efficiencies, centralize resources, reduce left-without-being-seen metrics, and minimize unnecessary readmissions.

ehealth for Acute Care

Improving outcomes, reducing costs, and improving patient and clinician satisfaction are strategic imperatives for today’s health systems. Video-enabled virtual care solutions allow virtual rounding, remote ICU monitoring, and multidisciplinary consults, helping systems deliver a world-class experience to their patients and families.

ehealth for Post-Acute Care

Virtual care solutions in the post-acute environment allow providers to achieve the goals of improved outcomes, reduced costs, and increased satisfaction by performing remote follow-ups and rounds, coordinating care for complex cases, and managing chronic disease cases.

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