A Solution For Every Finance Use Case

With Sparkle, your customers enjoy a lifelike and feature-rich experience with your experts, regardless of location – in a branch, in the comfort of their home, or even on the go. You can not only increase customer engagement, enhance customer service and strengthen loyalty, but also cost-effectively balance staff utilization across your entire organization.

Video Customer Engagement for Money Lending

The loan market is very competitive. Beyond low interest rates and favorable terms, the ability to simplify the application process, establish trust, and bring in the right expertise are key to maximizing the chances of closing a deal. With video banking, the loan adviser and the loan applicant can have much more personal and meaningful conversations during remote interactions. A 3rd party such as a subject matter expert or the loan applicant’s spouse or business partner can also be involved in the discussion to streamline and expedite the decision-making process.

Video Customer Engagement for Account Opening

With video banking, website visitors can engage in a live video conversation with a representative to discuss their requirements, make sure they understand terms and conditions, and immediately sign up to open an account. Existing customers or members can also apply for a new service from the convenience of their home or even from an in-branch kiosk if they are in a branch but want to benefit from a faster service.

Video Engagement for Private Banking and Wealth Management

Wealth managers and private bankers need to collaborate closely with their clients to plan and and optimize their portfolios. They must meet regularly with busy clients to understand their needs and investment priorities.

With video banking, they can schedule video meetings to maintain a personal and meaningful relationship even during remote interactions, ultimately deepening relationships, building trust, and improving investment outcomes.

Video-Enabled Bank Contact Center

Traditional contact center interaction channels do not allow the level of personal interaction that more complex or emotionally driven tasks require. With video banking, agents can deal much more effectively with unhappy or angry customers. They can encourage customers to go beyond the original reason they called, increasing the contact center’s ability to generate revenue.

Video Claims Management

In the insurance business, the quality of the claim experience is a key driver of customer retention. Instead of sending a loss adjuster on-site, insurers can now perform video loss adjustment. Claimants can show the adjuster the damage using the camera on their smartphone or tablet. The gains in customer convenience are immeasurable and adjusters can manage more claims, more efficiently, without leaving the office.

Video-Enabled Branch

Even in today’s digital world, the branch remains a key component of the customer engagement strategy for most financial institutions. Video banking enables them to offer faster and richer services to their branch visitors through video kiosks or in private video-enabled rooms. In-branch representatives can also initiate video calls with subject-matter experts from other locations in order to provide additional services or insights during customer meetings.