Smart glasses powered by Sparkle enable field technicians to bring experts to the job site for consultation, coaching, and quality assurance inspections. And heads-up display can be used to share schematics, diagrams, or demonstrate techniques. Sparkle powered solutions for leading smart glass manufactures like Vuzix, AMA, and Google give field services organizations flexibility and choice.

Visual Trouble Shooting


Across industries, from retailers to manufacturers, from insurance adjusters to healthcare providers, exceptional customer service is a top priority. Sparkle seamlessly integrates into leading customer service platforms, enabling “see what I see” experiences to support agents when customers use video from their smartphones and tablets. Visual troubleshooting translates into higher First Call Resolution (FCR) and reduced Average Handling Time (AHT).

Vidyo Enabled Drones


Drones provide an inexpensive and safer alternative to helicopter or platform-based inspection of high tension power lines, power plants, pipelines, bridges, dams and other infrastructure. Sparkle powered drones provide a real time, high definition video feed to your on-site and remote expert teams for accurate visual inspection of hard-to-reach locations.

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Ruggedized Tablets


Utility, mining, oil and gas and military organizations have adopted rugged mobile computing solutions that expedite fieldwork. Transcode-free mobile video conferencing with patented dynamic adaptation technologies deliver the most resilient experience across challenging wireless and mobile networks. And mobile’s light system requirements support in-the-field multi-party conferencing across a wide range of industries, job roles and devices.