Video Powers More Efficient Education

Education is evolving faster than ever. Educators are facing increasing demands as a result of new curriculum standards. While higher education institutions are increasingly competing through distance learning programs. Leveraging Video conferencing technologies specialists and subject matter experts can be brought into the classroom to enhance classroom learning. Distance learning programs can be enhanced with Sparkle providing more interactive and synchronous learning resulting in improved student performance. Administrative staff can more efficiently communicate over video across campus, district, or the globe

Video for Research in Higher Education


In the Humanities and Sciences, basic and applied research requires extensive communication from inception through final publication of results. Research is often conducted by teams of scientists located around the world. As these teams pursue scientific breakthroughs, they need a reliable way to collaborate on their work and share their findings effectively in real-time. Video Solutions for Education provide a high-quality, easy to use and affordable video conferencing platform for research in higher education.

Video for Curriculum Enhancement


Schools are discovering the power of video conferencing to extend the learning experience beyond classroom walls, and connect their students with people, places and events in a way that can’t be matched by textbook lectures. Making it easier for teachers to teach and students to learn, Video solutions integrate smoothly into everyday classrooms using desktops, tablets, and a simple internet connection.

Video for On-Demand Learning


Along with the rapid growth in video collaboration comes the need to effectively manage and leverage libraries of highly valued video content. It’s no longer sufficient to simply record and upload a video conference to a storage folder in the cloud. Institutions need ways to easily categorize, search, index, trim, clip, re-use, publish and share specific content quickly and cost-effectively. Video and Kaltura offer an integrated video conferencing and video management solution to inspire productive collaboration throughout the enterprise.

Video for Autism


Autism can have a significant adverse impact on a child’s ability to learn, but early and effective treatment can have a dramatic positive influence on a child’s life. Video solutions for education help connect autistic children with assessors and education specialists as well as support groups outside the local school and community. Educators are using video conferencing to connect with students and their parents without the need for travel.