Conference Suite


The evolution of the audioconference

Conference Suite Audio is an innovative and unique audio conferencing service that allows the integration between traditional telephone conferences and those made in VoIP (Voice over IP).It is the first service to be connected via iNum, the new single global telephone number of the ITU - International Telecommunication Union.In any part of the world the same iNum can be used to participate in conferences without having to consult the PoP list.The possibility of connecting to VoIP also eliminates the cost of telephone traffic for those who use a softphone 

from a PC, tablet or smartphone.


Conference Suite Audio is not just audio conferencing: it offers real-time conference management with a few simple clicks and innovative management of reports and registrations.


Telephone accesses are available in over 40 countries worldwide with the possibility of activating up to 3000 PoP.In Italy, 6 expandable accesses are available on request up to 238.The Conference Suite Audio service is available 24/7/365 with no reservation required. You connect to the conference simply by calling the nearest access PoP, often a national number or a toll-free number. Local telephone operators will only bill a national call instead of an international call.

The full list of points of access is avaible HERE

i Num, a unique number valid worldwide 

In addition to traditional telephone PoPs, iNum is available: a new type of international number that makes access to audio conferences even easier and more immediate.iNum is based on the use of the +883-prefix created by the ITU and valid worldwide.iNum transports the voice in high definition, thus offering an audio quality that is considerably higher than traditional telephone.

Free app for IOS & Android 

For those who are often traveling or attending audio conferences when out of the office, the Conference Suite Audio app allows you to access conferences with a simple click, both as an organizer and as a participant.It is the perfect app to manage conference calls from mobile IOS and Android: the preferred codes and phone numbers are always at hand and you no longer need to consult the PoP list because the device will automatically locate the nearest PoP.By enabling VoIP you can use a third-party app to get further savings on telephone traffic. The app is free and can be downloaded from Android and Apple Stores

Conference Call from Skype 

To join a Conference Suite Audio conference call from Skype (also with a smartphone and tablet) just add to your Skype contact list and then make the normal Skype audio call.


• No hardware or software to install on company servers 

• More than 40 PoPs in as many countries 

• Activation on request of new PoPs, with more than 3000 numbers available 

• Access also via iNum, the only worldwide phone number 

• Softphone with HD audio integrated in the Moderator interface 

• Compatibility with standard SIP phones and softphones, even on smartphones and tablets 

• Compatibility with any hands-free audio conference phone 

• Conferences with all telephone providers 

• Possibility of SIP trunking with company IP switchboards 

• Narrow band audio codec: G711, G729, iLBC 

• HD audio codec: Wideband G722, G722-1, G722.s (AMR-WB), ISAC, SILK 

• Conference control via Moderator interface or via DTMF 

• Recording conferences via DTMF 

• Easy call flow: a code for the moderator and a code for the participants 

• Call flow modifiable from the service web portal 

• Permanent audio rooms with up to 100 participants, expandable on request 

• Spot conferences with timed access codes 

• Conferences with operator concierge 

• Dial out via DTMF 

• Operator assistance in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian 

• Detailed reports for cost centers, for users and for conferences