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Sparkle offers a wide and unique suite of conferencing services.

From audio reservationless to operator assisted, moving to videoconferencing from our worldwide network covering any corner of the globe, event webcast and streaming, simple and personalized up to a unique video interpretation service

Conferencing Suite

 A professional audio conference service that allows you to access meetings from any country in the world, using toll and toll-free access numbers or the appropriate app. The service offers management of reports, registrations and Q&A sessions. 

Conferencing Suite

An operator-assisted audio conference service based on Arkadin technology. Dedicated to major audio events such as quarterly financial statements, annual announcements, the service offers high professionalism and unparalleled audio quality.

Conferencing Suite

An innovative HD video conferencing service in the cloud on Vidyo technology that will amaze you with high definition quality, clear audio and ease of use from any terminal: personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, videoconference endpoint. and SIP.

Conferencing Suite

Thanks to this innovative service it is possible to instantly break down the geographical and linguistic barriers that can hinder business development, especially with emerging countries with a stronger economic growth rate