Keep Your Business Moving

Sparkle offers a wide range of advaces communication tools, from VoIP numbering, in cloud pbx and call center solutions till a full suite of audio ad video conferencing services.

All our services can be "tailor made" to our customer need and they have been developed to grant maximum security and privacy standards

VoiP Solutions

Sparkle provides VoIP umbers all over the world, from any carrier, granting the maximum saving and optimization beeing able to connect multiple carriers.

We offer our ow in cloud PBX ad call center solution, but we can deliver the lines on any existing PBX as well as integrrate the voice on UC&C solutions like MS Teams and Cisco Webex Calling

Conferencing Suite

An operator-assisted audio conference service based on Arkadin technology. Dedicated to major audio events such as quarterly financial statements, annual announcements, the service offers high professionalism and unparalleled audio quality.

Conferencing Suite

An innovative HD video conferencing service in the cloud on Vidyo technology that will amaze you with high definition quality, clear audio and ease of use from any terminal: personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, videoconference endpoint. and SIP.

Conferencing Suite

 A professional audio conference service that allows you to access meetings from any country in the world, using toll and toll-free access numbers or the appropriate app. The service offers management of reports, registrations and Q&A sessions.